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Like never before we have seen a massive growth in the health and fitness areas of our society. This growth came from many good areas, and some not so good when it comes to the actual health of ourselves and our families.

“The Balance” is the defining line between the true good knowledge that brings true health, and the massive industry that has built up around the subject of health and fitness. It can often bring slurred and muddied information that can lead us down a damaging path in our efforts to achieve strong and sustained health and fitness.

True strength comes from within, but it can also be reflected to the outside. In “The Balance” we strive to harmonize that understanding with you. When the focus is too much on the outside however, we find our path unable to sustain itself, mainly due to awkward and unrealistic, sometimes simply irrational feelings and notions. These kinds of feelings and notions are very easily taken advantage of by the marketing that floods the fitness industry! Our first episode tackles a couple of simple¬†yet core elements of health and fitness. We begin by looking at one of the main components of the human body that has become a core focus of nearly everyone, MUSCLES.

Then we venture into another still overlooked issue. It is overlooked mainly because most people simply cannot believe the process of how this diabolical thing was able to enter our mainstream society so easily, but it has. GMO grains. How did this stuff get into our everyday society even though it is a true society killer! I’ll share with you how our family went about the wonderful path of eating all organic and non-GMO.

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4 comments on “Episode 1 – The Balance In Fitness Podcast

  1. First podcast I have listened to ,very informative well narrated ,certainly giving great tips and ideas for my health.
    Impressive your knowledge is profound ,Thankyou Michael

    • First podcast I have listened to,very informative and well narrated,certainly giving great tips and ideas for my health.
      Impressive your knowledge is profound,Thankyou Michael

      • Michael Anderson Mar 5, 2018

        Hi Barbara
        Thank you so much for the input. Please subscribe and comment on iTunes if you get a chance. Once you listen to a few more episodes you will hear “The New York State of Mind” where two wonderful friends of mine have joined the podcast. Between us we have nearly a century of experience, and Quinn and Emory are wonderfully holistic in their approach to health, fitness and life. Where are you from? What kind of training are you doing?


        • Again another great episode I have recently started bike riding outdoors and now averaging 10.5 k ,this was to improve my knee strength so with the combination of Pilates,over 50s active combination of cardio and weights and PT one on one training ,riding has made a remarkable difference to my knees { no pain /stiffness
          And will continue to get the benefits

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