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Everyone! We have new players on the block…….

“The New York State of Mind”

Every week we will be highlighting friends of mine from NYC. This segment in “The Balance” is going to bring you closer to what is considered by many to be the central point of our world. Emory M Moore Jnr and Quentin Vaughan are going to be my welcome guests every week, bringing you information and experiences of true professionals in the fitness industry.

In this weeks episode we look at a range of things from simple ways to lose body fat to how both men and women can successfully train their most neglected areas, legs and bottom. We talk about supplements, where they came from and a bit of history and why they are so huuuuge in our world today. We will also set you straight on what the power truly is when it comes to leading a successful healthy life.

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2 comments on “Episode 3 – The Balance In Fitness Podcast

  1. Henry Mar 6, 2018

    Real funky beat intro!! And amazing information! Cutting edge stuff bro!

    • Michael Anderson Mar 6, 2018

      Hey Henry, so so glad you’re liking the pod. Lots of great vids to come so you guys get to know who I am in sight as well as sound. Please subscribe on iTunes or RSS and I look forward to meeting you on our upcoming “Fithubs”. Time together weekly in real time.

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