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The truth is all kinds of training and physical activities are beneficial. The truth is any kind of physical activity, from mountain climbing to vacuuming the floor can injure you at times.”The Balance” happens when we come to grips with this universal relationship. Out of balance can lead to constant fear of what MIGHT happen. Then there is the other side of becoming reckless and this will bring its own range of problems.

In Episode 7 we delve further into some of the most popular ways to be active and train our bodies. We also look at an issue that has turned what is normal and natural upside down, but you probably interact with it every week. Vitamins and minerals, and how our health and fitness industry has made some big mistakes that are leading our society down potentially harmful paths.


On “The New York State of Mind” we find out more about Quentin Vaughn and how he did such amazing things in his professional path of health and fitness? We start at the husky kid that wanted to be Bruce Lee!

And Emory, well he’s Emory, just feel blessed that we have him on the show to bring it from high levels to our ears.

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2 comments on “Episode 7 – The Balance In Fitness Podcast

  1. Totally enthralled with this episode some things I knew but some I didn’t thank you Michael
    Barb Finn

    • Michael Anderson May 28, 2018

      Thanks Barb, we are getting stronger with your feedback and I am super happy we are also getting you great information that can really bring the family health up step by step 🙂


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