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How much do we truly understand about the societal path of our health and fitness over the last 100 years? One of the largest trends of our recent century has been the feeling that we have less and less time to ourselves and with our families. This has led to an incredibly unhealthy society, and on multiple plains of ill health.

In Episode 8 lets look at a sometimes overlooked option in our fitness paths, home fitness areas. I’ll break down some of the options and the pros and cons of home gym vs public gym/recreation center. This last 100 years of ever increasing marketing on all layers of food and health have left a film of often useless in depth scientific information around our senses. These senses are our innate way to recognize right from wrong. In this episode we begin a new journey of uncovering just how incredible our simple fruit and veggies are, and how they are not simply nourishing our vital organs and their day to day systems, but also combatting the constant toxic mess we develop by eating and drinking what is constantly marketed to us in our everyday lives.


We continue our journey down the rabbit hole with Quentin Vaughn to look at his extraordinary life. We are up to the part where he is accepted into a unique group of Kung Fu students. What were his experiences, trials and tribulations, and what came next????

You know when Emory speaks, people listen! But how does the man himself eat on a day to day basis??? How do these people at the top of health and fitness in NYC (and in Em’s case, half the world) really handle the day to day path of eating?

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