Welcome to the “defining line”

We love bringing the information that sets you straight on all matters to do with health and fitness. In episode 4 of The Balance In Fitness we talk about Creatine Monohydrate and I get into my own personal experience with this stuff. We look into the research and see just how wide spread this supplement is being used in fitness products. IS IT GOOD STUFF? Let’s find out!

We also look at a simple yet effective way of combining some of the training methods that are out there for an all around good outcome for your physique.

On ……

“The New York State of Mind”

we meet Quentin Vaughn who shares with us some of his life and loves in the fitness industry and how he had the pleasure of meeting Brandon Lee. Pretty fitting considering his inspiration for getting into fitness was Bruce Lee when Quentin was 9.

Lets get into it!

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Welcome to the “defining line”

In The Balance, we love pulling apart the information that is out there as a process to help show you how far things have gone astray and help illuminate a proper path of health and fitness for you. In this episode we dissect what looks to be a very straightforward article. During the process, we explain two very simple components of our lives, protein and electrolytes. This episode will ease you into a better understanding of how you are going to achieve more muscle, and where your energy truly originates from.

With so many different kinds of training styles out there, being marketed to the hilt, it has a dual effect of both giving great variety and choice, yet can also throw you into a training plan that will do nothing more than injure you very quickly. In episode 2 we are finding more solid outlooks for achieving multiple outcomes in our health and fitness. And yes, there are so many ways to train, we look at a good combination that suits most people.

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